About Us

​We all know it is cheaper to tackle DIY projects than it is to hire someone else to come do it for you. However, with painting, you may feel that it is easier to hire a professional. This is not always true. If you have the right equipment, you can still come out ahead on your next painting project. All it takes is a little willingness on your part and the right paint sprayer. That is why we have created a website that focuses on not only choosing the right sprayer, but helping you learn how to use it most effectively.

  ​Why Read Our Reviews?

​In our reviews, you will find tons of information about select paint sprayers. We are not professional painters, but we are people who feel that painting projects are sometimes harder than they have to be. We are people who have tried to paint like a pro using brushes and rollers and then went in search of a better way to get the job done. We have painted both large and small projects using brushes and rollers. Then we tried it using a paint sprayer so that we could tell you more about the features that will matter most when choosing your paint sprayer.

​In short, we are people who have already had to deal with painting DIY projects and decided to discover whether there was a better way to handle them. We enjoy watching the transformation that comes with a fresh paint job. We searched the web to discover the best possible paint sprayers and did our homework on them to see if they were perfect painting options or total busts. In our reviews, you will find only the paint sprayers that we felt were worth owning because of their simplicity and reliability.

  ​Why We Share Our Knowledge

​On today’s market, there are several different paint sprayer options. All claim that they are the best you could hope for and only a few are really great to use. Some of the worse ones will clog every couple minutes or be erratic enough that they aren’t truly usable. They may be so loud that you will not want to use them in your home or they may overspray to the point that to use them in your home would be extremely messy. We have tried those type of paint sprayers in our efforts to find a perfect one and we want to help you avoid making the same mistakes. Even if you do not choose a paint sprayer that we have listed as an excellent choice, we want for you to have knowledge of the features that will make all the difference between a good paint sprayer and a failed DIY project.

  ​Why Trust Our Opinions?

​Since we are not professional painters, you may wonder why you should trust in us. The simple truth is; you can search the web and find numerous websites with information about paint sprayers, but many of them will be outdated or have terrible products that don’t really work. Our website is different. We understand that by tackling DIY projects alone, you are trying to save money while transforming something old into something new. We know that you may be trying to find the best way to give your home’s exterior a facelift or trying to turn a beat-up fence into something you are proud of. We understand that quality matters to you and that you may have numerous painting projects you hope to tackle.

​On our website, you will only find factual information about the best paint sprayers for your DIY projects on the market today. These sprayers offer consistent paint flows and coverage. They are designed for small projects and large ones. However, we go beyond that to explain in detail why certain features matter and why some are not truly necessary. We tell you how to use certain features effectively so that you can end up with the paint job that you will want to show off to friends, family, and neighbors. We will talk about how safe the spray painters are and what other people have noticed in regards to pros and cons of them.

  ​Our Goals

We know a lot of people have put off painting projects because they don’t have the time to deal with them. We also know that spray painters make it easier to get the job done. Sprayers can cut the time it takes you to paint an item in half. The way we see it; you shouldn’t have to deal with something that looks old and worn out when you can spray paint it to make it look new and beautiful. Therefore, our goal is to help you find a paint sprayer that is easy and fun to use so that those “Honey-Dos” are easier to tackle.