Graco Magnum X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer Review

Graco Magnum X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer

​One reason that people avoid paint sprayers is that they feel they are difficult to use and hard to clean. Graco has attempted to come up with a way to make spray painting easier than ever and they have even devised an easier way for you to clean up afterward. It is what the Graco Magnum X5 is all about, but is it really as usable as it sounds? Read our full Graco Magnum X5 Stand airless paint sprayer review to find out.

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  ​Features of the Graco Magnum X5

​Many paint sprayers are limited by the types of paint that they can use, because they require thinner paints. Graco is different. It can spray everything from watery stains to heavy latexes and acrylics. The only thing it cannot do is spray block filler, asphalt, and other texture-filled materials.

​This is perhaps one of the easiest sprayers to prime. It uses PushPrime technology so that you can go quickly from starting the sprayer to using the sprayer.

​It allows you to adjust the pressure control. This ensures that it is very versatile and that you are going to be in total control at all times.

​The Power Flush cleaning adapter that it comes with will attach to any standard garden hose. From there, you simply turn on the water and flush out the paint that was left inside of the sprayer.

​The X5 has a durable stand mount, but it is compact and easy to carry. There is a carrying handle included and it can be moved easily with only one hand. However, it is larger than many other available sprayers at 19.4 pounds and measuring in at 18.5 x 14.9 x 12.8 inches.

​This spray gun is all metal and has a full trigger. This ensures that it is durable enough to last you through many different painting projects.

​There is also a filter that in in the handle. The filter will ensure that large particles are not able to affect the way the gun sprays. In turn, this means less clogging, even when using thicker paints.

​This sprayer sprays out at .27 GPM. This makes it great if you want to cover a surface area quickly. As an added bonus, it sprays directly from your paint bucket using a flexible suction tube. All you have to do is set your paint bucket down and start spraying. You can use 1-5 gallon buckets.

​The Magnum X5 comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty. It will protect you from all manufacturing defects, but does not protect you against forgetting to clean your gun after each use. All you have to do is take advantage of the warranty at the first sign of issues.

​With your purchase, you will receive a detailed instruction manual. It has pictures and helpful tips for novice spray painters. You will also receive a DVD that will show you how to set up and use this paint sprayer.

​This paint sprayer comes with a 25’ long hose. This ensures that even though you are connected to a 5-gallon paint bucket, you will still not have to move the bucket around all the time.

  ​Buyer’s Feedback for the Magnum X5

​Most owners give this paint sprayer a very high rating. That is why it maintains a 4.5-star rating after more than 300 reviews. Most owners feel that it is well worth considering and they love the fact that it does not require you to use a cup with paint. It makes large jobs easier because you will not waste all of your time stopping to refill. It also means you are not going to have to carry the paint in a cup. They also enjoy how fast the sprayer can get the job done. Many say that it sprays out well and covers very well, even on the first coat. Most owners do say that you need to study the manual and the DVD before you start painting because it will make your experience easier. In the end, there are people who use it to paint homes, sheds, cabins, fences, and much more. Most all of them say that it is very easy to work with and makes painting a breeze.

​The biggest complaint comes from people who say that it does clog, even though it isn’t supposed to. All paint sprayers can clog up. Paint may have particles in it that make it unavoidable. That is one reason it has a filter in it. If you are still having trouble with clogs, you may want to try and pre-filter the paint before using it inside of the paint sprayer. There are also people who say that putting it together takes too long. Admittedly, putting it together may be more of a process than some other paint sprayers, but the tradeoff is a better built paint sprayer that can get the job done quickly. Once you have used it a few times and know how it is put together, you will notice that even this does not take you very long. As with all paint sprayers, there is a chance of overspray with the Magnum X5. You can lessen it by making adjustments, but you will still have some overspray. The easiest solution is; make sure you cover anything you do not want to paint.

  ​Our Opinion of the Magnum X5 by Graco

​In our opinion, this is an excellent paint sprayer. We love that it is made of metal to ensure that it is durable enough to last through many painting projects. Most all other paint sprayers are made of metal and plastic, so they cannot really hold up. We also feel that it is a great idea to have a spray painter that connects directly to the paint canister and not some tiny cup. It can spray both thick or thin sprays and stains. Most paint sprayers require you to water down the paint a little to make it thinner. It has a 25’ hose to ensure that using it, when attached to a large paint can, is not an issue for most people. In short, we feel the Graco Magnum X5 is a great investment for anyone who wants to tackle painting projects.


  • All Metal Paint Sprayer
  • Sprays Even Thicker Paints
  • Easy to Clean
  • Sprays Paint Evenly
  • Attached Easy Carry Handle
  • Instructional DVD Included
  • Perfect for Large Projects
  • Attaches to Paint Cans
  • Long Hose Included


  • May Clog
  • Assembly Difficult for Some
  • May Overspray Sometime
  • One Year Warranty​